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9 reports about 876-508-9074

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Punky 18th Nov, 2011+0
dont do it again
Ericka 31st Oct, 2011+0
has called several times did not answer
Xavier Watson 29th Oct, 2011+0
Called several times, did not leave messages
LaRae 19th Oct, 2011+0
I have recieved calls from this group off and on for years and they basically just keep calling and calling and then suddenly stop for a few months or even a year and then start right back up. The most enjoyable way to handle it is to tell them that you are interested in ordering, but are on your way out and would like a call back number to place an order. They will gladly give you this number. The next step, once you get tired of their calls, is to use skype or some other instant messager with phone out ability (like msn or yahoo, etc,) and anonymously call that number again and again and again until you can't stop laughing and they are forced to change their number. P.S. -- they are not based in the united states, but have their calls routed to give them the appearence of being a domestic based company. Have Fun, Brian Fulk
Agueda 11th Oct, 2011+0
Want to lower my credit card interest rate if I owe at least $4000!
Edlin 23rd Sep, 2011+0
they called again today at 2:43 and said nothing then i guess they hung up and it started beeping this is the 2nd time they have called
Pal 30th Jul, 2011+0
Called my cell phone Dec 12 @ 6:09 didnt leave a message.
rronald ncallister 26th Jul, 2011+0
I receive un call, but hanged up when i answered.
rosario orta 11th Jul, 2011+0
Calls repeatedely every day leaves no message. If you call back, you get a busy signal, or a message that the party is unavailable.

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